The Church of God Online is with you where ever you are

In recent years, the incredible potential of the internet has increased exponentially. With the invention of smarter and smaller devices to stay connected it becomes evident that The Church of God should have a clear voice in this medium. Today, the internet impacts daily routines all across the globe and opens doors for communication that were not possible just 15 years ago. It is with these thoughts in mind, that we announce the release of our new website.

Though the site now visible to the public is in it’s infancy, the foundation and the platform on which it is built has been steadily moving toward this day for well over a year and a half. What you see now is just a small fraction of the work that has yet to be done. In the coming months new aspects of the site will open up, new enhancements will begin to populate the pages, and deeper content experiences will emerge as the site takes shape.

With you where ever you are

The most compelling part of this new experience is that The Church of God Online can be wherever you are on any device with an internet connection. Smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, the site’s experience will conform to the standards of that device to present you with an optimal experience. Read articles, watch videos, view galleries, and listen to podcasts, all from the device that suits your situation.

The nature of this experience allows us to support the latest browsing experiences and we encourage our readers to maintain an upgraded browser regardless of your viewing preference. The latest offerings from Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), and Apple (Safari) should allow you to view the site as it was intended. Should you encounter issues with using the site, send us a message about it via the contact form below.

A completely custom, multilingual platform

How does the Church manage and organize sites for multiple languages? This question has posed a great number of challenges over the years. The most important announcement to come from this new launch is that the core backbone of the site is entirely custom and it’s backbone has full multilingual support. In a nutshell, this means that the Church now has a consolidated web presence that can potentially be read in any language on earth. Each language can now have a manually translated and custom web presence without the need to manage multiple sites. One platform, multiple sites.

The future and beyond

There are many new features in the works. Ministry will have the opportunity to use a custom reporting system that integrates seamlessly into the new platform. A digital storefront is also in development which will allow the world community and members of the Church alike to purchase media, resources, and subscriptions to digital formats of our Arise Shine magazine publication. There is still much work to be done. Be in prayer for those behind the scenes and if you have questions or need assistance don’t hesitate to use the contact form at the bottom of each and every page.