The General Overseer introduces The Church of God Online

Greetings to all,

I personally, as General Overseer, want to welcome you to the official website of The Church of God around the world. My prayer is that these visits can become an inspirational blessing for your soul.

The Church of God is an International Organization that has been pressing toward the mark of the high calling since 1903. Our beliefs (faith) are still founded on the foundational principles of the Word of God.

Even today we agree with the words of our former General Overseer M.A. Tomlinson when he said “OUR AGE is seething in constant change. The physical world about us has so rapidly altered that our grandfathers would scarcely recognize it as the same planet. Many of the moral and ethical guidelines of the past also have disappeared in the same whirlwind of change which has so revolutionized our physical world. The standards and guideposts which governed past generations have become obliterated, leaving our society rootless and confused. The religious elements of our time, instead of providing a stabilizing and steadying influence, have further contributed to the confusion by rejecting many of the very foundations of faith which so long have given meaning and direction to our lives. These advocates of what they call "a changing faith to meet the challenge of a changing world" have succeeded only in destroying trust and confidence in the infallibility of the Word of God Nevertheless, the Bible still provides for those who believe it a sure anchor, a safe shelter and an unchanging standard in the midst of the constantly altering patterns of modern life. The Apostle Paul once wrote to the young man Timothy concerning those who sought to change the Word to fit the world: "Who concerning the truth have erred...and overthrow the faith of some. Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure..." (2 Timothy 2:18, 19). It is comforting and assuring to know that the unchanging doctrines of the Bible are universally applicable even in a changing world.”

The Church of God is still standing on that sure foundation, not the foundation of man, but the foundation of God that standeth sure. Change is good as long as it’s not at the expense of the Word of God.

I hope that this website can become a blessing for you as you search out the will of God in your life. If you are interested in knowing more about The Church of God feel free to use the information provided on this website to contact us at anytime and remember we are still Standing on the promises of God.

May the Grace of God cover you with His love. Be sure to read the article by our English site coordinator to learn more about the new website and it's future.