A Tabernacle celebration

It may not seem significant to the world, but it was given to us to reach the world.”— General Overseer Alexander Jackson Sr.

The Church of God celebrated the completion of its Tabernacle building with a dedication and ribbon cutting Wednesday.

“This building is very special for us. God gave us this. It may not seem significant to the world, but it was given to us to reach the world,” General Overseer Alexander Jackson Sr. said. “We are dedicating this building and giving it back to God.”

The idea for such a building as a site for the denomination’s annual General Assembly began in 2013. Yet, Jackson felt it was not the right time to share the idea. The following year the plan was mentioned and the building was completed this year.

The first event to be held in the Tabernacle was the 110th General Assembly of The Church of God. The theme for this year is “Receive the Promise,” based on Hebrews 10:36.

“It is here, in this place which we desire to boldly proclaim the everlasting and life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Donald Brown, General Church of Prophecy Marker Association coordinator. “It is here, in which we desire to see families grow as they are taught the Word of God, and in turn, become strong pillars in their communities.”

Brown pointed out that in the Old Testament, Abraham was given the promise he would have a son long before the child was born. He said God still knows what is going on in the lives of people. He read from Psalms, recounting promises of God and direction for praising the Lord.

“What is the Tabernacle? It is simple. It is the house of God in the midst of his people,” said Gerardo Monroy, preaching in Spanish with an interpreter.

He said the church had prayed for the Tabernacle project and has seen that prayer answered. He compared the dedication of the Tabernacle to how the Old Testament figure Hannah dedicated her son to God.

Monroy said the vision for the building had been given to Jackson, and it was a strong desire of his heart for the church many years before it became a reality.

Both local mayors and Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson joined Wednesday’s dedication.

“We have had a lot of hard times in this country lately,” Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland said. “Things have happened that we don’t necessarily agree with, but we know God is in control.”

Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis said he was grateful to be invited.

“Thank you for what you do here in this community,” Davis said.

Watson shared The Church of God’s enthusiasm for their new facility.

“I am so thankful that we have good Christian people that value that great American flag, that value the Christian values that it stands for, the Bible and what it stands for and the cross of Calvary,” Watson said.

The Church of God General Assembly is set to run through Sunday.

Article Written by: Joyanna Love

Cleveland Daily Banner Senior Staff Writer

Photographer Credit: Howard Pierce